Dog Days and Nights

You can call A Dog's Life, by Sean Grennan and Leah Okimoto, a "howlingly funny new musical" all you want, Theatre Three. I'll bet you $10 that I'll bawl my way through the whole thing. See, apparently young pup Jack was adopted by a family. He was subsequently tied to a tree and abandoned in a park for peeing on a rug. At this point, during his monologue and well beyond, the tears would start flowing and wouldn't stop until I got home and donated 50 bucks or so to an animal shelter (like the one in which Jack befriends Big Dog and Little Dog, but nicer), made a charity grocery list of donation items for shelters and hugged my fur-friends for an hour. I'm a basket case when it comes to animal entertainment, but if you can contain your emotions a bit better, head to Theatre Three for A Dog's Life, playing Thursday through June 22 at 2800 Routh St. Tickets are $10 to $40. Call 214-871-3300, ext. 1 or visit
May 22-June 22, 2008


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