Dogs Love Bonnets

Everyone thinks that their dog is parade-worthy, but yours really is. He’s an excellent walker (when he’s not chewing through his leash), he’s generous to his many adoring fans (unless those jerk squirrels ruin it) and he’s the handsomest pup in town (humping every larger dog who walks into his field of vision … the shame.). He’s bound to win a prize in the Cedar Springs Pooch Parade! (owner/pet lookalike award). Registration begins at 10 a.m. but the dogs don’t strut their stuff until noon. There’s also a bonnet competition for you in case Fido blows it, again. There will be food venders, reality television celebs and bands making music all afternoon during Easter in the Park. Visit playcedarsprings/easter.asp for more details.
Sun., April 8, 2012


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