Donkey Q. Public

The last time a Dallas Observer writer criticized a jam band, the online story drew nearly 800 comments attacking him with sufficient hatred to prove the peaceful persona of the stereotypical noodle-dancer a patchouli-scented facade. More recently, one of my Night & Day blurbs provoked a barrage of similarly angry letters. One claimed "'s impossible to show sarcasm or facetiousness through text alone." Which means this description won't infuriate Gov't Mule fans: The band's epic Southern-rock jams are tasteful, original and not just rehashed '60s heavy-blues cliche. They also pick great covers. Why breathe new life into a forgotten oldie when your version of "Just Got Paid Today" sounds exactly like ZZ Top, except three times as long and with flat singing? Hear the future of rock Sunday at House of Blues. Tickets are $25 to $45. Call 214-978-BLUE or visit
Sun., Feb. 8, 2009


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