If we all had an evil twin, it would make being in two places at once so much easier or so much more complicated. For Eric Zimmerman, running concurrent exhibitions at The Reading Room in Dallas and Art Palace in Houston is simply an exercise in harmonious discord. Telltale Ashes, appropriately named after a Houdini card trick, opens Friday in Dallas with a reception from 7 to 9 p.m. and features a performance at 8. And while many of us Dallasites won’t be able to see his Houston-based Endless Disharmony, focused on the artist’s interest in infinity, referring to looping cassette tapes — in person, Zimmerman’s work “establish[es] relationships / harmonies and dis-harmonies between the two sites,” as evidenced through Zimmerman’s Tumblr, Incorporating collage, drawings, publication and performance, Telltale Ashes runs through September 14 at 3715 Parry Ave. Call 214-952-4109 or visit
Aug. 31-Sept. 14, 2012


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