Drag Show

Illegal drag racing is about the dumbest thing ever. Why anyone would want to hang out in a parking lot on Northwest Highway with a bunch of morons in pimped-out Honda Civics is beyond me. The fact that your hobby is the basis of two films starring Paul Walker (and a third starring a Paul Walker clone) does not bode well for you, either. Legal drag racing, on the other hand, is less stupid, so I suppose there's nothing wrong with paying a small fee to watch professional morons race each other on a closed track at the O'Reilly Fall Nationals. Races run Thursday through Sunday at the Texas Motorplex, 7500 W. Highway 287 in Ennis. Just don't get too close to the fence or you'll end up in an episode of Max X. Visit oreillyfallnationals.com.
Sept. 21-24


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