Drive-By Haunting

In case you were wondering, there are such things as haunting enthusiasts. They love haunted houses, haunting people and, of course, Halloween. Every year they gather together at HauntCon to check out the latest in haunting technology. Fake blood, chainless chain saws, the whole bit. They indulge in a hearse rally, put on their mauled-flesh finery for the Costume Ball, teach workshops, set up booths, peddle wares and just generally have a hell of a good time. The deal is they never visit the same city twice; they’re on a mission to spread the haunted word across this great nation. This year they’re here at the Sheraton DFW. So if you have a fascination with fog machines or just want to learn the tricks of the trade, buy a ticket and attend all or some of the four-day conference running from Thursday to Sunday. Tickets start at $10. Get ’em at
Sat., April 27, 2013


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