DryWall And Boob Tubes

Jeff Gibbons is a tinkerer. An inventor. A renovator. An artist. And whether you catch the CentralTrak artist-in-residence unveiling a whirling collection of projections at Oliver Francis Gallery; experimenting with rotting citrus, ice blocks and late-model electronics at the MAC; or teasing out impermanence through foodstuffs, like in El Centro’s latest group show Objective Strategies, you’ll see Gibbons working against the grain. Saturday the Art Ball Prize winner and Apophenia Underground co-founder gets a solo show on his temporary home turf as CentralTrak opens Let the Drip from the Ceiling Become an 8 Foot Hole in the Roof. The title pulls from the artist’s past experience renovating a decayed Detroit residence, and the exhibition itself features looped video played on re-purposed television sets and some “unexpectedly humble sculptural works.” See Gibbons’ latest fixation during the opening reception, running from 8 to 10 p.m. Saturday at CentralTrak (800 Exposition Ave.). Visit centraltrak.net.
Saturdays, Sundays. Starts: Jan. 25. Continues through Feb. 22, 2014


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