Duh-Nuh, Duh-Nuh, Duh-Nuh

For years after seeing Spielberg's thriller Jaws, I naturally assumed every lake, pond and swimming pool was a deathtrap with its own great white. Sure the shark's jerky movements don't hold up to today's CGI-laden standards, but John Williams' menacing score more than makes up for the passé special effects. Thankfully there's a lot of concrete around Victory Park, because tonight during their Get Reel Summer Movie Series Jaws will attack those gigantic high-res LED screens in the plaza. Snacks, sodas and booze will be on sale. Get there early if you want to snag a patio table at one of the restaurants, or you can bring along a lawn chair, beach towel or bean bag chair. The film starts at 7:30 p.m. There's no cost to sit and watch, but bring plenty of cash for concessions. Visit victoryparktheatre.com.
Tue., July 1, 2008


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