Edgar, Johnny and...Roger?

Denison-born artist Roger Winter once advised that one could learn more about drawing by observing passengers on a bus to South Dallas than by drawing a nude model in a classroom. And, although his work has surrealist tendencies, his affinity for its subject matter is clear. This ability to mix the real and surreal, along with his years of teaching painting at Southern Methodist University, has earned Winter a 2007 Contemporary Legends Award, an accolade bestowed by the Dallas Contemporary. Cultivating a photorealistic style that includes painting, collage and crayon, Winter adds his signature style to a diverse range of rural and urban scenes, many of which will be exhibited at the Contemporary. Appreciating art that hangs on a gallery wall is one thing, but finding it on public transportation is another. Any artist who can do both with one body of work deserves the praise of his peers. A reception opens Winter's exhibit from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Friday; his work hangs through October 27 at the Dallas Contemporary, 2801 Swiss Ave. Admission is free for Contemporary members, $10 for non-members. Call 214-821-2522 or visit thecontemporary.net.
Sept. 7-Oct. 27, 2007


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