To paraphrase an old jingle, we love eggs, from our head down to our legs. Scrambled, deviled, over hard—we adore ova. We like to dye them at Easter or make cascarones. This crazy fascination with les oeufs has inevitably led us to those most marvelous eggs, the Fabergés. First commissioned in 1885 by the Russian czar as an extravagant Easter gift for his wife (likely while thousands of peasants starved), the Imperial eggs were crafted yearly until 1917. While we have little chance of owning an original egg—since our name isn't Forbes, Windsor or Rainier—Victor Mayer, the current workmaster for Fabergé, continues to create the enameled, jewel-encrusted eggs, some of which we have an opportunity to win at the Galleria's Fabergé Spring Garden. For $10, one can stroll the garden path, collect eggs from costumed characters and win one of a variety of prizes. Proceeds benefit the Family Place and the Children's Advocacy Center. The Spring Garden is open daily at the Galleria, LBJ Freeway and North Dallas Tollway, through April 7. Visit
March 22-April 7


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