Erotic City

What do you do to prepare yourself for an erotic evening? Take a hot bath? Spend a few minutes with a bottle of your favorite sweet-smelling lotion? Well, get on it, because the "hottest erotic fantasy novelist since [best-selling erotica writer] Zane," N.M. Shabazz, is coming to town. Imagine screaming his actual first name as he takes you to sexy new heights. "Oh, Nimrod! Take! Me! There!" Shabazz, who's clad in an almost irresistible pair of oh-so-soft pleated slacks and a very sexy, package-wrinkled button-down shirt that just screams "your wildest fantasy" in his promo picture, will be reciting prose all night long this Monday. He'll fill you up (with the sensuous sounds of love) at the Brooklyn Jazz Café, 1701 S. Lamar St., for $15. The reading starts at 7 p.m., and Shabazz will also be signing copies of his book, His Name Was Jazz. Call 214-428-0025.
Mon., Dec. 4, 7 p.m.


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