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Calling all aspiring filmmakers! Hey, guy in the Woody Allen glasses, I'm talking to you. The Video Association of Dallas wants eight teams to come up with movie shorts for the upcoming VideoFest at the Angelika. But there's a catch: The teams must shoot a three-minute flick on 100 feet of 8mm or 16mm film (no mulligans, kiddos) in 24 hours. The teams aren't allowed to edit their movies or even watch them until they unfold on the big screen in front of a live, jeering audience. Maybe that's a bit overboard, but the potential for embarrassment of Gigli-sized proportions doesn't end there. Each team is responsible for providing the bells and whistles: any music, sound effects or voices must be performed as the movie plays. Those three minutes could bring sweet victory or seem like an eternity, but as the saying goes, no guts, no glory. Think of the world as your stage. Besides, even bad movies find a cult audience. Ever heard of Showgirls? Bad Boys? Shit just got real. The Guts and Glory 24-Hour Film Race begins at 6 p.m. Halloween night at the Angelika Theater Cafe. Registration is $100 per team. For more details, visit videofest.org.
Sat., Oct. 31, 6 p.m., 2009


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