Fair Jordan

I may never understand Leslie Jordan's career. Somehow, the little Southern gay man has turned those four qualities into a successful lifelong stint that never goes away. Whether he's popping up on Will & Grace (or more brilliantly in Boston Legal) or running Del Shores' plays and films like Southern Baptist Sissies and Sordid Lives into the ground, he just sticks around, though he never becomes too annoying. You can't help but be charmed by his diminutive stature or that Southern belle drawl. And because he comes off so nice and sweet, you're an a-hole if you hate the guy, but then no one takes you seriously if you're a fan, either. What to do? Well, it's just time to say, "Screw it!," come out of the closet and admit your Leslie Jordan predilections either way, because he'll still be around no matter what. For the haters, well, you'll probably still secretly watch him on the CW's Hidden Palms. (Don’t lie.) For the admitted fans, your time has arrived. Jordan comes to Dallas with a whole new show that shouldn't surprise you if it's still touring in 2015. Leslie Jordan: My Trip Down the Pink Carpet hits the Majestic Theater, 1925 Elm St., at 8 p.m. Wednesday. Order your tickets now at ticketmaster.com or visit liveatthemajestic.com for further information.
Wed., May 28, 8 p.m., 2008


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