Fair Trade

It's not, so much, the printing of 13 photographs from a single image that's difficult. Print schmint. And it's not, I would imagine, even shooting photos from which a dozen photographers will select an image--after all, photography is life's work for most of them. It would seem that the most difficult part of the Dallas Portfolio Exchange, now in its eighth year, is selecting one single image to present to photographic peers as a representation of one's best work. We are our own worst critics, sure, but for an artist, that statement must carry 10 times its usual weight. Somehow, though, photographers--including Adam Fish, Hal Samples, David Lyles (creator of the event), Phil Hollenbeck, Scogin Mayo and seven others--made their choice and presented their selection for inclusion in the portfolios given to all participants...and the public. It's an incredibly personal way to share fine art photography between artists, and viewers at the Magnolia Gallery in the Magnolia Theater in West Village get an awesome glimpse at the process. The Dallas Portfolio Exchange collection will be on view daily through January 6. For info on acquiring prints, contact David Lyles at 214-653-1555.
Nov. 19-Jan. 6, 2009


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