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For the cultural elite in Dallas, there are few things more exciting than a gala. Not content to go to a simple party or gathering, the local glitterati need quarterly opportunities to squeeze into Oscar de la Renta gowns and rub elbows with their Preston Hollow neighbors. And there's no better excuse for blowing a few grand on a gala event than the arts, darling. Attending the 2008 Dallas Symphony Orchestra Opening Gala satisfies the urge to get away from the hoi polloi without that mindless outlay of cash. Here the outlay is called a "contribution"--to help bring the arts to the masses. The Gala, held at the Meyerson Symphony Center beginning at 7 p.m., promises a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see Music Director Jaap van Zweden perform as a violinist for the last time. Ever. So not only did your $1,000 admission get you in the door and let you dine on dishes containing the word "fromage," it also gave you an experience that makes you that much more culturally informed than those of us crowded down at the Lakewood Landing tonight. And when we buy our $35 cheap seats to DSO performances later and show up in Forever 21 couture, you can look down upon us and remember how your contribution at the Gala made all of this possible. Don't you feel good about yourself? Call 214-871-4065 or visit
Wed., Sept. 10, 7 p.m., 2008


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