Fashion Supernova

Occasionally our Dallas fashion stars shine bright, like when designer James Martinez made it onto Season 11 of Project Runway. Most of us think he’d have gone further if it weren’t for that cursed group challenge. Fortunately for all of us, Martinez is still hard at work, making charming garments on his own terms. We’ll get a chance to check out his latest creations Wednesday, along with clothing by fellow local celeb Oscar Fierro of NBC’s Fashion Star, Season One. They’re two of the seven designers scheduled to send brand-new lines down the Belo Mansion’s catwalk (2101 Ross Ave.) at the appropriately titled RUNWAY. You can buy the clothing onsite after the show. The whole shebang is hosted by Gaby Natale, the executive producer of a little Emmy-nominated show named SuperLatina. Tickets are $25 to $75 at
Wed., March 13, 2013


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