Fear Factor

If you've already got your tickets to Bill O'Reilly's show (lecture? Passionate reincarnation of Satan himself? Bingo tournament?) at the Nokia Theatre this weekend, this article isn't for you. Because chances are, you already know what you need to know about Bill O'Reilly, namely that he tells you want to hear about how to muzzle and restrain women, minorities, the educated, kittens, puppies and those crazy global warming folks. No, this article is all about learning new things about Bill O'Reilly. For example, did you know that he has two Emmy awards? Wait! Take that gun out of your mouth. There, there, now. And how about this fun fact: Bill's O'Reilly Factor For Kids was the best-selling non-fiction kids' book of 2005! Hey, hey, untie that noose and get off the kitchen stool. We're not done yet! The O'Reilly Factor has been the number one rated cable news show in this fine country for seven consecutive years! CHEERS! Tip up that cup o'spiked Kool-Aid and pass it along to your friends. Bottoms up! The spin master will appear this Friday, June 13 (coincidence?) at the Nokia Theatre in Grand Prairie, 1001 NextStage Dr., at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $49 to $89. Visit nokiatheatredfw.com.
Fri., June 13, 7:30 p.m., 2008


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