Feasts of Plenty

My co-worker had a great idea: You could go out and have a great holiday meal at one of any of Dallas' wonderful restaurants. You could even go buy the produce and proteins and create your own wonderful meal at home. Or, you could simply bring family together having collected items you already had in your freezer, cook them up and have a strange but charitable meal. Charitable? Well, once you all calculate how much you saved on groceries or restaurant tabs, just log on to the North Texas Food Bank's site and donate that amount. Now, if -- as in the case of a certain relative I know -- you just simply cannot forgo a traditional meal, perhaps during your grocery shopping you'll find that something's come over you and you can't help but pile extra non-perishables into your cart. Fortunately, the Dallas area has many a food drive benefiting NTFB. The bank is having a trying year supplying all those in need during a down economy, and either kind of selfless, celebratory donation is one for which many will certainly give thanks. Visit www.ntfb.org to donate funds or food.
Nov. 17-Dec. 31, 2009


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