Fire Away

Aw, the early days of MTV: Kurt Loder. The moon man. And most important, Pat Benatar videos. Benatar ruled the early '80s. I would stretch the neckhole in my T-shirt so that one shoulder would be exposed, tie a headband on and belt out "Hit Me with Your Best Shot" into my hairbrush for hours on end. And even though I was only 9, I believed with my whole heart that love was a battlefield. I remember seeing her "Sex as a Weapon" video for the first time—I couldn't believe she was actually saying the "s" word. But I thought she was pretty, and she had cool hair and leather pants and black eyeliner...that I wasn't allowed to wear. She was a real rocker, and I wanted to be her. The Queen of Rock will be performing with her husband and guitarist, Neil Giraldo, at Billy Bob's Texas on Saturday. Tickets are $28 and $12 at Billy Bob's box office. Call 817-624-7117 or visit
Sat., July 8


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