Fire, Paint, Repeat

Ken Price created morphing, perplexing sculptures for decades, but he didn’t design most work intending that you and I would gawk over them, which we’ll happily do over and over again during the run of Ken Price Sculpture: A Retrospective, which opens to the public on Saturday. Price made work to keep near, hold close and live with, which could be why it’s all so terribly odd and delightfully intriguing. In many ways, his cosmically contorted, extraterrestrial blobby friends remained detached from commerce. And so, they stayed personal and reflective of Price throughout his growth and shift through a 50-year career. This exhibition charmed the pants off patrons of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, its only other visit to date, and it’s poised to be the most memorable Nasher show of 2013. Get there, and get weird with Price’s long career of creation. This exhibition runs through May 12, Tuesdays through Sundays at the Nasher Sculpture Center (2001 Flora St.). Tickets range $5 to $10. Vist
Sat., Feb. 9, 2013


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