Five Singers, Five Years

What better way to celebrate the anniversary of a venue that has hosted many a musical, a stage production and a beloved star than by offering up Neil Berg's 100 Years of Broadway? There really isn't one. Especially considering that thanks to the partnering of Berg and Eisemann Center, peeps don't even have to pack up and leave the fine suburb of Richardson for a taste of metropolitan flair from the likes of Jerome Kern, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Steven Sondheim, Cole Porter and Andrew Lloyd Webber. It's a short trip for a lot of fantastic fantasy, and it all goes down 8 p.m. Saturday. Plus, you get dessert after, which is far tastier than the famed post-show Broadway mugging a la the Big Apple. Tickets to watch the Eisemann turn 5 and see Berg's company (five experienced Broadway singers and an "all-star band") perform a century of hits are just $32 to $75. Visit
Sat., Sept. 15


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