Flattened By Pancake

Some movies are just bad and then some movies are so bad, they’re good … for professional mocking in a public forum. Twilight: New Moon is one of those movies. Shape shifters, sparkling vampires and K. Stew’s complete and total lack of acting?!? Master Pancake is all over it. They’re Austin’s best comedy troupe, according to the Austin Chronicle, and at 6 p.m. Sunday they’ll show you why. Their idea is simple and ingenious. They take the original movie and replace all the dialogue so it’s actually funny instead of just ironically funny. In the past, they’ve shredded The Notebook, Spider-Man and even good ol’ Robocop, so the second installment of Twilight will be a cakewalk. Master Pancake is exclusive to Alamo Drafthouse and as you know, we have one right up the road in Richardson, 100 S. Central Expressway. The show runs for 120 minutes. Tickets are $13.50.
Sun., Jan. 19, 2014


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