For the Love of Kettle: Buy Great Local Art, Cheap!

Last year's booty, before the rampage!
Last year's booty, before the rampage!

There's love steeping over at Kettle Art.
The city's feel-good gallery has toasted up a warm-spot in my cardiac for its work as an artist's nexus. Aspiring talent lines Kettle's walls, creating a collaborative visual buffet of area-crafted projects.You always know that you'll find something new and interesting when you when you walk into those crowded doors.

But it isn't easy being the helper of the underserved artist; the facility must stay open and the lights must stay on. (Candles near the art is a no-no.)

Stop peeking in the windows, the sale isn't until Saturday!
Stop peeking in the windows, the sale isn't until Saturday!

Considering how many painters, sculptors and metal workers have received a hand-up from Kettle over the years and Texans' natural propensity for generosity, you can imagine how many treasures will be lovingly created and put up for purchase this Saturday night, February 11. And look out, because folks truly bring their A-game, both in art provided and art bought.

At the value menu price of $50 a piece, anyone can take home a 9x12 work by a North Texas talent, so be your own Valentine, or make the ultimate love sacrifice and give that special item to your honey.

It's going to get competitive: think Day-After-Christmas meets Black Friday at an estate sale, kind of competitive -- so get there early (doors are at 7 p.m.), buy big, and buy fast. Your money will go straight to supporting one of Dallas' artistic treasures and you'll go home with something that makes you happy and enriches your life.

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Kettle Art Gallery

2650 Main St.
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