For The Right Price, You Could Have Dirk Nowitzki Hanging On Your Wall

Cabe Booth, "Dirk Nowitzki," 2011 (15.5"x23.5")
Cabe Booth, "Dirk Nowitzki," 2011 (15.5"x23.5")

So you've got your Dirk Is My Homeboy shirt and tattoo, but do you have this? Local artist Cabe Booth created this oil on wood masterpiece appropriately titled "Dirk Nowitzki," and it's available for purchase for $750 or the highest bid. As of last night, the highest bid was $500 according to Booth, and in case Mark Cuban is reading, he'd love to paint more Mavs players so give him a call. The painting is also featured on the Dirk Is My Homeboy page on Facebook. If you'd like to bid on this amazing piece of art, email or visit, and while you're there gaze upon more of Booth's works. Just remember, a portrait of Dirk lasts forever; an ass tattoo on the other hand shrivels up when you turn 80.

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