Foreign Horrors

Most everyone who is a horror-movie junkie saw The Ring in 2002...and didn't fall over dead seven days later. Then after that, the even braver ones experienced Ringu, the original 1998 Japanese version of the film, and were left with nightmares of Sadako (Samara). Those into the foreign originals of American horror movies are now invited to experience the Spanish [Rec] 2, a sequel to 2007's [Rec]. America brought this story to life in 2008's Quarantine. You remember: People trapped in an apartment complex turn in to psycho bloodthirsty killers. Now picture the Spanish version, and you get [Rec] 2. Complete with subtitles for the English speakers, this sequel begins 15 minutes after the original left off. The film delivers a full dose of beasts, viruses and violence. [Rec] 2 plays at the Inwood Theatre (5458 West Lovers Lane) at midnight Friday and Saturday. Admission is $10. To purchase tickets in advance, visit
July 30-31, 2010


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