Forever Modern

The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth is so much more than just a beautiful example of architecture filled with a well-rounded collection. It’s a place for conversation and public engagement. In many ways, it’s alive. One of the most exciting programs offered in this land of contemporary masterpieces is the Tuesday Evenings at the Modern Lecture Series, which brings us the best artists, critics, architects and assorted creative go-tos. This week’s talk with Andrew Solomon is quite a catch. The National Book Award winner and Pulitzer Prize finalist will discuss his newest book, Far From the Tree: Parents, Children, and the Search for Identity. Tickets are available for pick-up at 5 p.m., so show up early and grab a snack at Café Modern before the lecture starts at 7 p.m. in the auditorium at The Modern, 3200 Darnell St. Admission is free. Call 817-738-9215 or visit
Tue., March 5, 2013


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