For better or worse, Peter Frampton is permanently ingrained in the fabric of rock and roll. It probably doesn't hurt that he's sold more than 16 million copies of Frampton Comes Alive! worldwide (though he's since been eclipsed by Garth Brooks, Bruce Springsteen and The Eagles, whose live albums have all sold more). But he's also remained visible, if not completely vital, in recent years, winning the Grammy for Best Pop Instrumental Album in 2007--we're guessing his mastery of the Talk Box had something to do with it--and serving as a "technical advisor" on Cameron Crowe's quintessential rock and roll movie, Almost Famous (he also appeared in a cameo as the manager of Humble Pie, the band he founded in the late '60s). And who could forget the role Rob Fleming's completely understandable hatred of "Baby, I Love Your Way" played in High Fidelity? You see, no matter how much some us loathe "Show Me the Way," like a cockroach in nuclear winter, Frampton Comes Alive! will endure. Let Frampton show you the way at 8 p.m. Wednesday when the '70s legend takes the stage at the House of Blues. Tickets are $35.50 to $100. Visit
Wed., Sept. 3, 2008


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