Frank-ly, It's Art

Farewell, Gypsy Tea Room. We've said our goodbyes to the venue, but we just aren't ready to say ciao to the bands or art. Luckily, bands will play at other clubs, but what of the fantastic murals that made Gypsy a landmark? For those we owe thanks to local artist and Kettle Art co-owner Frank Campagna. Until Campagna decides on his next brick-wall canvas, we get a small window of opportunity to check out some of his smaller-scale pieces in the intimate setting of his Deep Ellum gallery. A one-night show beginning 7 p.m. Wednesday, Campagna will feature, well, whatever the hell the prolific and personable creator wants to feature, dammit. You've seen his work for free for years, so come browse the ones with price tags...and maybe say "Thanks for the memories" while you're at it. Kettle Art is located at 2714 Elm St. Call 214-573-7622 or visit
Sat., April 14, 7 p.m.


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