Freaks and...Freaks

You've got to respect the Jim Rose Circus. Rose is perfectly willing to let Cirque Du Soleil try to spiff up circuses into something intellectual and highbrow. He, however, has stuck to the opposite approach since the early '90s, turning the bottom-feeding, train-wreck, lowest-common-denominator appeal of the sideshow into the whole show with acts like Mr. Lifto (who hangs heavy stuff from body piercings, including one in his schlong), Slug (who'll eat anything) and Matt "The Tube" Crowley (who lets Rose pump various fluids into his stomach through a tube). Rose himself gets into the act, of course, performing acts of endurance like stapling things to his face and driving nails into his sinuses. There are easier ways to get famous, but it's worked for Rose, who has parlayed his B-list fame to a recurring commercial role as the Geico caveman--really! His 2009 "Legends Collide" tour--which features wrestler Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Sinn Bodhi and Bebe the Circus Queen--promises "Pretty Girls, Wrestling, Amazing Circus Stunts and a Fistfight." Whether you enjoy it "ironically" like the 1992 Lollapalooza audiences or just admit your prurient interests already, check it out Thursday at The Loft, 1135 S. Lamar St. Call 214-928-9844 or visit
Thu., July 23, 2009


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