Gab Bag

What says "Dallas" more than Neiman Marcus presenting a salon on fashion? I don't care if people say this is a shallow town only interested in big hair and plastic surgery. Would we like our Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and Mavs Dancers any other way? I like having umpteen Starbucks. I like old buildings knocked down for condo/restaurant/club hybrids. Except mine of course. So the fact that the couture clique has deemed Dallas cosmopolitan enough means we have arrived in the name of dernier cri. Oops, sorry, I meant, the latest fashion. My shallow use of aristocratic vocabulary kicked in. The Dallas Historical Society hosts the Brown Bag Lunch with Ginger Reeder of Neiman Marcus. Just make sure that brown bag is Burberry or you will be laughed at and judged. Arrive tastefully dressed at noon Wednesday in the Hall of State at Fair Park. Call 214-421-4500, ext. 101 for reservations or visit for more information.
Wed., Aug. 8, noon


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