Game, Set, Match

Despite the tantrums, the white man Afro and those headbands, you have to give John McEnroe his props. At 48, the seven-time grand-slam winner and Hall of Famer is still at it. He just plays the senior tennis circuit, which sounds like an extracurricular activity at the nursing home. But it's quite the contrary. The Outback Champion Series, which hosts tourneys in various cities throughout the world, boasts top-tier names like McEnroe, French Open winner Michael Chang and the ever-popular Pete Sampras, who at press time is undefeated in his quest to the finals. This weekend the Stanford Championships land in Frisco, where McEnroe will vie to better his No. 5 ranking and advance with some other players you may think you've never heard of. Austrian Wimbledon champ Pat Cash is on board, as well as former No. 1-ranked players Jim Courier (USA) and Mats Wilander (Sweden). See them in action (minus Chang and Sampras, who aren't playing in this series) Thursday through Sunday at the Deja Blue Arena, 2601 Avenue of the Stars in Frisco. For tickets and schedule information call 214-467-8277 or visit
Oct. 18-21, 2007


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