Garden Of The Grans

Grandparents Day must be a hard holiday for nannies and gramps across the country. Whereas on Mother's and Father's day, they get a whole day for themselves, Grandparents Day is one they are forced to share. Here's a slice of diabetic-friendly pie...and two forks. Hey, I got y'all new tennis balls for your walkers...but there are only three balls per can. Awkward. But the Dallas Arboretum hopes to mellow out the tension by offering a special deal on the big day that lets your ol' pop and mammy in for free. They advertise their panoramic, scenic 66-acre property as a wonderful place to spread out a blanket (and perhaps an additional pad to accommodate evermore sensitive hips and tailbones) for a pleasant picnic. Walk-er on over to the Arboretum, 8525 Garland Road, on Sunday for a picturesque family afternoon. Visit
Sun., Sept. 13, 2009


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