Gene Kelly's Singing in the Rain Suit Will Go to the Highest Bidder Starting Tomorrow

Christmas is coming up and if you're having trouble buying a gift for that hardcore movie buff in your life and you have a few thousand dollars just taking up real estate in your couch cushions, Heritage Auctions of Dallas may have a solution.

The local auction house is getting ready to unload a ton of entertainment memorabilia including the wardrobe from one of the greatest movie musicals of all time: the suit that Gene Kelly wore while he was dancing and singing in the rain from the 1952 classic Singing in the Rain.

Kelly's wardrobe is part of their upcoming Entertainment and Music Memorabilia Auction that kicks off on Thursday. According to The Associated Press, the suit comes from California collector and retired mailman Gerry Sola who bought it back in 1970. He got it for the low, low price of $10 at an MGM sale after the struggling studio was sold to a financier to avoid liquidation. The current bid for Kelly's suit, as of Wednesday, is $19,000.


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