Get in the Zone

Taking the place (literally) of Art Prostitute in Denton is Secret Headquarters, an art/music/hangout space perfect for making art, making noise and, um, hanging out. In addition to showcasing some of the area's best musicians each Saturday, SHQ has added Movie Night to its calendar. Every other Tuesday SHQ will show art films, amateur films made by DFW locals, documentaries and more. The price is right (free) and the audience is encouraged to bring its own Bs and Cs (bottles, chairs). You absolutely won't want to miss Forbidden Zone, the 1980 cult classic starring Danny Elfman and Herve Villechaize. The plot surrounds the sixth-dimensional adventures of a French midget, a human chandelier and Squeezit Henderson, the Chicken Boy. You know you want in on that action. Forbidden Zone shows at 8 p.m. Tuesday at Secret Headquarters, 210 E. Hickory in Denton. Admission is free, donations accepted. Call 940-383-1400 or visit
Tue., Aug. 15


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