Get Your Jollies

We officially have less than half a year until Christmas, but the holidays still feel far away. Add on the August heat and we’re all in need of the next best thing to a winter wonderland: the Summer Santa Rampage. Starting at 3 p.m. Saturday at the Mockingbird DART station, the Santa Rampage will parade along McKinney Avenue, singing the summer carol standards “Walkin’ Round in Women’s Underwear” and “Deck My Balls.” Come with pointy ears, in something red, lined with fur, whatever — just make sure to arrive wearing something that breathes. Hopefully some brave souls will don shag and horns and come out as Krampus, Santa’s demonic Alpine counterpart who kidnaps and beats naughty children. We’d love to see a sexy, summery version of him. Check
Sat., Aug. 10, 2013


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