Gimme That Pretzel Necklace!

When you think Oktoberfest, you think Germany, October and beer. But, dear schnitzel, you’re thinking wrong. Change the first two to “Addison” and “September” and you’re in business, Mister. Addison Oktoberfest is here and that means four days of nonstop German things. Beer, tavern-style snacks, arts and crafts, a yodeling competition, more beer, more food and DACH Sunday — an entire day when those little stump legs rule with a Dachshund Parade and Dash. If you have little lederhosen wearers, they’re welcome, too. Perhaps they’d enjoy a stroll through the carnival, a tumble in the bounce house or a roll in a Bubble, those human-sized hamster balls made for kids ... but not kids that load up on Bavarian treats first. Just saying, no one likes a puke-filled Bubble. The fest is Thursday through Sunday at Addison Circle Park, 4970 Addison Circle Drive, and tickets are on sale at
Sept. 19-22, 2013


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