Girls Gone Oscar Wilde

Few activities, if any, are as straightforwardly and aptly named as Naked Girls Reading. Lord bless ’em, am I right? The unorthodox series originated in Chicago and grew so popular that it couldn’t be contained to one city. Now burlesque performers, authors and other ballsy broads get together to read prose, sans clothes, in Vancouver, London and, yes — even Dallas. Friday night’s event will be illuminated by candlelight and set in Quixotic World’s (2824 Main St.) velvety interior. There, all participating strip-readers (Black Mariah, Angi B Lovely, Courtney Crave, The Dirty Blonde and Austin’s Glam Amour) will recite passages themed around Southern literature. The gals will dip heavily from everyone’s favorite cheeky author, Mark Twain, in this collection titled “Southern Drawl.” Purchase your tickets this minute: Nothing books a venue like beautifully nerdy naked women. Doors open at 7 p.m. and seal shut for the show’s 8 p.m. curtain. No photography is allowed, so don’t be a creep. Added bonus: This event is BYOB and tickets are only $15. Get ’em at prekindle. Visit
Fri., Jan. 25, 2013


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