Whether it’s Mark “The Bird” Fidrych from the '70s, or William “The Fridge” Perry from the '80s, we can not get enough of athletes that seemingly come out of nowhere. Before the season finally started, a game with the New York Knicks would’ve been circled on the calendar for the veritable all-star team that was assembled with Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire during the off-season. In a city known for theatrical scene-stealers, unheralded, Ivy League-educated point guard Jeremy Lin has gone from the ensemble and into the starring role. Yes, he has some Asian blood in him, and yes, his pun-conducive last name makes sportswriter’s heads explode with possibilities. Regardless, the best part is: Lin’s putting up historic numbers. See if Lin can win against the Mavs again on March 6 at the American Airlines Center. Visit for tickets, if any are still available.
Tue., March 6, 2012


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