Goal Tending

Jacob Kassay is being too modest — or, otherwise, too ironic — by naming his newest exhibition No Goal. We’ve seen woefully little so far of Kassay’s exhibition, which drops on April 11 at The Power Station, but the artist has penned a Heideggerian manifesto of sorts that you can read online at powerstationdallas.com before delving into his work at 3816 Commerce St. If there is truly “no goal,” then Kassay’s simply working too hard in his explication of “Parts and Wholes,” through his brilliantly illustrative, if recondite, text, enticing readers to think more expansively and lucidly about the ways that “objects conspire to expand and contract space and vision, doing so by relying on both the apparent features of each individual object, and the more transcendent features of the experience as a whole.” We hope your Doors of Perception are open or your dealer’s on speed dial, because the “goal” is to blow minds. Call 214-827-0163 and don’t miss No Goal’s opening reception on April 11 at 5 p.m.
Wed., April 11, 2012


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