Good Java

Goodfellas has everything you need in a flawless movie—memorable, career-making performances; dramatic, heartbreaking moments; memorable lines and scenes; and Robert DeNiro in what was probably the last grand slam performance of his career. (If you make a good enough case, I might give you Bronx Tale or Heat. If you suggest Analyze This, we're no longer friends.) Ably led by Martin Scorsese, the movie's characters blaze a frenzied if thoroughly enjoyable route to destruction, including the seamless transformation of Ray Liotta's Henry Hill from an innocent, impressionable kid to a hard-core gangster with a fleeting conscience. We also have DeNiro's charming if cold-blooded Jimmy Conway and, of course, Joe Pesci's Tommy DeVito, a sociopath who is very friendly...until he isn't. Catch Goodfellas on the roof of the wonderful Gachet coffeehouse, 1804 Greenville Ave., Monday after the sun goes down. Call 214-887-8095.
Mon., June 5


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