Gras Roots

A lot of people complain about how bad classic bands are after they get back together for their umpteenth reunion tour. There's truth in that, but there's also the sad fact that some bands can't reunite for whatever reason—usually dead members—and in their place, the oldies touring circuit gets inundated with acts such as Led Zepagain and Mojo Risin, who painstakingly recreate the old bands' live acts. Then there are groups such as beatlegras, who take the pastiche and try to infuse a little creative twist, in this case Beatles songs performed with bluegrass arrangements. Sound blasphemous? Maybe so. But one listen to "Norwegian Wood" played on a mandolin instead of a sitar and you might just change your mind. Beatlegras performs 8 p.m. Friday at the Majestic Theatre, 1925 Elm St. Tickets are $21.50. Call 214-373-8000 or visit
Fri., Sept. 22, 8 p.m.


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