Greek Pit

Calling all of DFW's experienced locksmiths: Are you available for a one-time contract assignment this weekend in Grand Prairie? Local talk radio station Live 105.3 is hosting what they're calling "DFW's Largest Frat Party" that night at the Nokia Theatre. Can you work quickly and quietly, sealing Nokia's doors from the outside so that anyone who thinks a show featuring a KISS cover band composed of little people and something called "Stripper Twister" is a great Friday night can permanently fraternize with others of the same mindset? That way, until some wiseacre Kappa Sigma Douche calls his daddy to bail him out, the North Texas area will be safe from the word "brah." We wouldn't normally stereotype 'em like that, but the show's press release claims "you can't have a Frat Party without Stripper Twister, Female Pillow Fights and a Female Suspension Artist," so apparently they're all down for pigeonholing themselves into the category of sexist, crap-music loving fratties. Too bad there's no "Freshman Hazing Dunking Pool" and "Pass the Herp to that Dumb Slut from Bio" ring toss. The concert is 7:30 p.m. Friday at the Nokia Theatre, 1001 Performance Place in Grand Prairie. Tickets are available for free at Live 105.3 public appearances. Visit
Fri., Sept. 7


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