Hackman Humdinger

Gene Hackman is a supreme badass. He's The Man. He's so The Man that his name has the word "man" in it. Let him play any character in any movie and the character instantly becomes a badass whether or not you even wrote the character that way. Gene Hackman is badass, therefore Lex Luthor: badass. Gene Hackman as Jimmy Doyle from The French Connection was badass. And you know Gene Hackman as the announcer for Lowe's commercials makes those ads humping badass. So, of course, when he plays Coach Norman Dale in Hoosiers, he blows that shit out of the water. Knocks it out of the park. Bads it out the ass. At 2 p.m. Saturday, bring your shortest basketball shorts and your highest high-tops out to see Hoosiers (in which Gene Hackman plays a badass coach who tries to lead his team to the Indiana state basketball championship) as part of the Classic Sports Stories Film Series that happens every Saturday at the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library (in the Performance Space on the fourth floor), 1515 Young St. It's free. Call 214-670-1643 or visit dallaslibrary.org.
Sat., Sept. 8, 2 p.m.


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