Hal the Queen

If you loved To Wong Fu, you’re gonna love Forever Lovely. (We’re basing that solely on your assumed love of men and makeup and men in makeup.) In this little play that could, we follow “the most popular third-rate drag queen in Dallas,” Lovely Uranus, as she navigates the most important questions in life. Things like, do blue eyelashes suit my skin tone? Should I keep my day job? And finally, now that I’m seeing this one fella, what do I do when the love of my life ambles back into town? Holy penis tuck, right? That’s a serious freaking conundrum. Which is why Forever Lovely is a play that you should probably see. And with only three rows in the whole damn playhouse, you should probably buy tickets (mbsproductions.net), like, now. The show starts at 8 p.m. Saturday, at Stone Cottage, 15650 Addison Road and runs through August 17. Tickets are $18 to $23.
Fridays, Saturdays. Starts: Aug. 3. Continues through Aug. 17, 2013


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