Halloween Huntin'

Maybe I've been listening to a little too much Art Bell, but I'm a believer, baby. There are just too many people with spooky stories, too many urban myths, too many times my cat stares at something I can't see—I know there such things as ghosts. Which is why I will not be joining the DFW Ghost Hunters for their conference/ghost hunt on Halloween night, as they plumb the depths of the scary-ass, haunted Hotel Lawrence in downtown Dallas in search visitors of the other side. For one thing, downtown Dallas in and of itself is scary enough; for another, I'd rather spend the night in Big Tex's butt than hunting down specters with the help of equipment like an "EMF meter." I don't even know what "EMF" means, but if I see a ghost, it'll stand for "Emergency, Motherfuckers!" as I race out the door pissing my pants.

However, there are those curious fools to whom something like a ghost hunt appeals, and buddy, if that's you, this is your night. The DFW Ghost Hunters are a non-profit (so you know they're not in it for the money), and they've been tracking the paranormal for a long, long time. The conference, featuring several authors and paranormal investigators, begins at 8 p.m., ghost hunt is at midnight. You can also spend the night for a special rate, less than half the normal cost, if you want to spend the night. So sign up; me, I'll be at home under the covers. Hunt for $25. The Hotel Lawrence is located at 302 S. Houston St. Email admin@dfwghosthunters.com or call 817-681-9842 for details.
Wed., Oct. 31, 2007


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