Happy Birthday, Dear DADA

How well-established were you when you were just 25? Remember that year? The year you finally learned not to mix your liquors, that 401Ks might be a good idea, that paying rent is truly better than couch-surfing, and that Friday night is a good night to stay in and decompress so you can be ready for Saturday night shenanigans? Dallas Art Dealers Association (DADA, to you and me) has reached that year with 37 galleries/museums under its umbrella...and a sweet plan for said Saturday shenanigans. To celebrate, DADA hosts its annual Fall Gallery Walk (car or other method of non-walking transportation recommended due to the widely spread venues) from 2 to 8 p.m. And then the fun really begins with the 25th Anniversary Party from 8 to 11 p.m. at Dallas Contemporary, 161 Glass St. in the Design District. Enjoy DJ sets, pop-up fashion and dance shows, artist impersonations, rants, poetry, craft activities, film previews, chess, an art exhibition (naturally), food, drink and many, many people who care a lot about the Dallas art scene. Sounds like the 25th birthday party we all wanted but could've never pulled off. DADA totally can. Tickets are $25 and benefit the Edith Baker Art Scholarship and Artist Career Development Fund. They are available, as is more info and a map of DADA galleries, at dallasartdealers.org.
Sat., Sept. 25, 2010


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