Hat Tricks

It used to be a charming millinery ritual: Every spring, little girls would get new dresses, Mary Janes and Easter bonnets. Well, those little girls grew up and graduated to wearing charming and often elaborate hats to church for Easter. Think of the Annual Mad Hatter's Tea Party at the Dallas Arboretum as Easter bonnets on steroids. Women show up in chapeaux inspired by everyone from the Queen of England to Carmen Miranda, the more outrageous the better. This year's theme: Lavender and Roses, so expect lots of fresh flowers and herbs adorning the competing toppers. Prizes go to hats botanical, whimsical, elegant and vintage, and also to best "ensemble of friends," for girlfriends who band together to present a common theme. Think Rose Bowl Parade, ladies. No shrinking violets allowed. Proceeds benefit Phase Two of the Woman's Garden. Hats are on at noon Wednesday at the Dallas Arboretum, 8525 Garland Road. Individual tickets are $130, with complimentary valet parking. Advance reservations required. Call 972-608-8718.
Wed., April 19


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