Have a Picnic, While You Still Can

Before Cane Rosso built its stationary brick and mortar digs, it was mobile. They kept the legacy going after the restaurant was built so you can still eat that amazing thin-crusted goodness all over Dallas, so long as you check its daily location. This Monday the mobile oven is parked at Green Spot Market (708 N. Buckner) from 6 to 9 p.m., and since there’s nothing else going on tonight (it’s true, we checked) you should have the greatest picnic in the history of outdoor eating. Take a date, or don’t -- you’re awesome company all on your own -- to Green Spot Market, pick up a pie from Cane and go to White Rock Lake -- it’s so close your pizza will still be all warm and beckoning. Lay a blanket out, fly a kite and glut away while you can. Spring will end soon and unceremoniously, then, only the grackles will be able to bear eating outdoors.
Mon., April 9, 2012


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