Headbanger's ball

It seems as if the Dallas music scene has lost more than it has gained recently. Within the last year alone, UFOFU, rubberbullet, and Course of Empire called it quits, and the Dark Room and the Orbit Room had to shut their doors. Deep Ellum has become the province of frat boys and cover bands, cigars and martinis. Although there are fewer good bands to see and fewer clubs to see them in, it's important that Dallas supports those that have stuck it out, or Deep Ellum will end up like Sundance Square.

One of the clubs that is still around is The Galaxy Club, and it's the site of some of our best concert memories. We can remember watching a member of Man or Astroman? set his head on fire and run through the audience; two drunk frat guys attempting to slam dance during a Therapy? concert and ending up slamming into the floor; and Bedhead's quiet brilliance during a rare hometown appearance. Now that the Orbit Room is no more, The Galaxy Club is one of the few venues in town that offers a home to bands that are just getting on their feet and punk rock bands that have nowhere else to go. The club's motto is "The Best in National and Local Music," and for five years, that's almost always been true. However, we can remember wasting one drunken night sitting in one of the club's booths nursing a string of rum-and-Cokes and listening to the most wretched ska band this side of the Cherry Poppin' Daddies. It was only $8, but we still hold a grudge.

This weekend, the Galaxy Club hosts a trio of concerts to celebrate (lament?) five years in the Deep Ellum nightclub business. We're not sure about you, but we know which one we will definitely be at. On Saturday, the club welcomes "The Hard Tour," a quadruple-header featuring Pretty Boy Floyd, Bang Tango, the Bullet Boys, and-yes!-Enuff Z'Nuff. It's Headbanger's Ball all over again. This probably won't be the best music you hear all year--and may God have mercy on your soul if it is--but it might be the best chance this summer to re-live your faded high school glories. Rock all night, and party every day. Or something like that.

--Zac Crain

The Galaxy Club begins celebrating its five-year anniversary on Thursday with the hair-metal sex kittens, Vixen, and continues on Friday and Saturday. The club is located at 2820 Main Street. Call (214) 7-


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