Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Once again, The Modern gets all snooty with another highbrow affair. This time they want to show us "great movies we haven’t heard of yet." Is that uppity or what? It's as if they are daring us to be in the know and have the advantage over all our less-than-cultured friends. But really, the lineup reads more like "movies you've probably heard buzz on that will possibly get multiple Oscar nominations" (although that title might not be so marketable). Brokeback Mountain director Ang Lee is at it again with potentially great stuff in Lust, Caution about a young lady in World War II Shanghai who gets in over her head with a high-profile politician. Lee provides drama at its best usually, but the selling point on this film may just be its NC-17 rating. Another cinematic beacon will be The Kite Runner, based on the hugely popular novel by Khaled Hosseini about a boy's life in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. It's directed by Oscar nominee Mark Forster, who helmed Finding Neverland, Monster's Ball and the underappreciated Stranger Than Fiction. There will be some other movies too. Modern Cinema 2007: Great Movies You Haven't Heard of Yet runs Friday through Sunday at the Modern, 3200 Darnell St. Call 1-866-824-5566 or visit themodern.org.
Fri., Sept. 28; Sat., Sept. 29; Sun., Sept. 30, 2007


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